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Health & Yoga

June 10th, 2021

Disease is the disappearance of natural ease.

Yoga philosophy aims at the prevention of the loss of our ease and peace. Most of the modern problems are due to wrong habits like — smoking, drinking alcohol, eating the wrong foods, over eating and stress.

Yoga aims at putting us back into natural living. Yoga follows certain path to attain this.

First of this is Asanas — physical postures. Asanas give mild pressures to certain body parts, squeezes out the toxins and provides fresh blood circulation to those areas.

The second is to educate people about how to breathe better. This is Pranayama. It is proved experimentally that we normally take only about 500 mls ( mls–millilitres ) instead of 3700 mls which our normal lung capacity. With proper practice of pranayama we can increase our lung capacity slowly.

Pranayama allows the entire body to get oxygenated and burns out toxins from cells. By breathing alone, we can prevent and cure many ailments.

The best way of course is not to put any toxins in our system. Our food should contain clean nutrition, free from any toxins & easily digestible.

The same holds good for mind. The mind is constantly fed upon our thoughts. Thought is the food for the mind. Thoughts affect both mind and body. Our thoughts also need to be nutritious. Positive & constructive.

Meditation is recommended in Yoga. First you need to know your present thoughts. Then you need to fill the mind with proper thoughts & lead a dedicated, selfless life.

Do everything for the joy of doing it. That is yoga. This is the yoga way to clean the body and mind so you can truly enjoy the life. You are relaxed and in good health always.

By: Pradeep Mahajan

Pradeep Mahajan: He is an engineer-MBA. He has multiple interests which primarily include health, investments, management & technological topics. Being a health enthusiast, he researches, studies & writes on health topics, often in consultation with medical & health professionals. He keeps track of proven ways for achieving better health & fitness through diet, exercises, stress management & healthy lifestyles. Do you want to learn more about current & other related articles? Visit [] for practically useful information on health & healthy lifestyles.

Tips to Improve Your Health: Yoga

April 10th, 2021

This article will explain about yoga. Yoga is comes from Indian. This activity will lead you to have a balance between your mind and body. In this activity, it uses various movements, breath, meditation, and relaxation. In order to get the best result, you need to have guidelines. Here are some tips to help you achieve the best result in practicing yoga.

1. Morning is the most appropriate time to yoga. You can do it before breakfast.
2. You need to prepare yourself. Confidence and urge is main factor to get started.
3. Choose the most comfortable place. The place must be cleaned and free from dust. It would be better if you could provide a quiet, ventilated and calm place.
4. Drink lukewarm water and clean your nostrils. It will help you to have a good breath.
5. Wear the most comfortable clothes. You can wear Lycra pants and shirt since yoga custom must be loose.
6. You can sit for a few minutes and take a deep breath before practicing.
7. Do the practice systematically. You should start the practice from the easiest part. It will prevent injuries during the practice.
8. Find the tempo. If you feel fatigue, you can stop your practice. If you keep going on fatigue condition, you may not get the maximum result or get injured.
9. You need to make sure that you do the practice in relax condition. If you feel that the practice is difficult or makes you depressed, stop the practice. It means that you need to go to a professional trainer to have the proper practice. As long as you relax, you will achieve the best result.
10. You can take a pause between the practices. You should not feel tired during yoga practice. The pause will help you to remove and reduce the fatigue. After few minutes, you can continue the activity.
11. In order to achieve the best result, you can have a balance diet. Reduce meat consumption; you can eat fruits, nuts, grains, vegetables in large amount once in 4 hours.
12. Avoid extreme diet and over eating.
13. Take a deep breath when practicing yoga.
14. Find the most comfortable movement in doing yoga. Discomfort movement will not lead you to gain the best result.
15. Beginner should do the simplest and easiest movement. It would be better if you follow the graded step of yoga.

In practicing yoga you need mat to make you feel comfortable. You can have personalized car floor mats